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The Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy for Swedish Folk Culture is a national institution with its headquarters in Uppsala. The Academy’s official role of promoting research into Swedish folk culture is fulfilled in the following ways:

  • promoting research by means of its books and journals,
  • initiating and supporting academic investigation,
  • organising lectures, symposia and excursions, and
  • stimulating academic activities through the provision of stipendia and wages.

Meetings in 2017
15th February, 15th March, 26th April, 20th September, 11th October and 6th November, in all cases at 17.00.


The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, the Swedish Academy, and the Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy for Swedish Folk Culture have established a long-term cooperative programme the aim of which is to promote mentor-supported in-depth studies and developmental possibilities for young research workers and artists within the Academies’ areas of interest, who are on the point of becoming well established in their respective areas, by giving them an opportunity to apply for scholarships to enable them to continue their work, at postdoctoral level or alternatively following completion of their artistic education.

This cooperative venture has been given the title Bernadotteprogrammet (The Bernadotte Programme). Basic to the venture is the idea that each project should involve at least two of the Academies’ areas of interest – for example in the intersection between types of artistic endeavour and various forms of knowledge – and thus be able to draw upon the different areas of expertise that exist within the Academies.

Recipients of the Bernadotte Programme’s scholarships will form a common network for the exchange of ideas during the period in which they hold the scholarship. An account of each project is to be furnished after one year, in a form to be agreed on by the relevant Academy and its scholarship holders. The aim is to synchronise these accounts.


Within the framework of the Bernadotte Programme the Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy for Swedish Folk Culture invites applications for two residential scholarships. These are intended for postdoctoral researchers from outside the Nordic countries working within the fields the Academy represents; Swedish Folk Culture in this context is to be taken in a broad sense. The scholarship is for SEK 100,000 and is intended to defray the additional costs (travel, increased cost of living, etc.) of a stay of at least six months at a Swedish university or a research-oriented archive or library for a person who has gained a PhD in the course of the last five years.

Applications must contain (1) the applicant’s CV, (2) a list of published works, (3) a clear description of the research the applicant plans to pursue. In addition the institution (or equivalent) which the applicant intends to locate to must provide a statement declaring that the applicant is welcome to pursue their research at the institution (or equivalent) during the period envisaged. The application must also provide information about the bank account the scholarship is to be paid into, given in the form of an IBAN-number and a BIC/SWIFT-code.

The application is to be sent by e-mail, together with the necessary attachments, to info@kgaa.nu, and should arrive at the latest by 10th January 2017.

Any questions concerning this announcement will be answered by the Secretary of the Academy, Professor Gunnar Ternhag gunnar.ternhag@gmail.com.

The Academy’s establishment in 1932 awoke particular attention in the Upsala Nya Tidning newspaper.

On-line editions of the journals published by the Academy
Since 2012, the seven journals published by the Academy, Saga och sed. Kungl. Gustav Adolfs Akademiens årsbok, Arv. Nordic Yearbook of Folklore, Ethnologia Scandinavica A jornal for Nordic ethnology, Namn och bygd. Tidskrift för nordisk namnforskning, Studia anthroponymica Scandinavica. Tidskrift för nordisk personnamnsforskning, Svenska landsmål och svenskt folkliv and RIG, scientific journal for ethnology, are successively being made available on-line in pdf form, as soon as they are two years old or more. Links to all the various files can be found below the contents lists of the various journals, which are listed by year. These can be accessed under Publications in the toolbar at the head of the page.

Books published in the Academy’s various series from 2005 onwards which have been sold out will be made available as pdf files. Links to these books can be found below the descriptions of the various works. In addition to this, Acta 91 and Folklivsskildringar och bygdestudier 18 can both be downloaded.

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